Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada


Now, a little explanation as to what a straight man like myself was doing watching this through choice - it goes something like this.

I was on set recently with a young lady who, to my incredulity described this film as "(Her) Favourite Film" and further explained that it was more than just your typical run of the mill romantic comedy meets cheap knock off of Wall St.

Ah... let me explain that Wall St reference. In Wall Street a guy compromises his ideals in the hunt for success. After a while he realises the error of his ways and decides to be "true to himself".

Sadly, The Devil Wears Prada is a cheap knock off of the Wall St formula. Only without half its balls.

Take this as an example of how toothless this film is - supposedly the world of fashion is shallow, crass and cut throat. Our heroine (Perfectly fine performance by Anne Hathaway) is dragged into it and actually has one of those dream makeover sequences where she becomes a gorgeous fashionista. Rather than depict this as an, if you like, indoctrination, it's actually shown as life affirming and lovely.

This is later followed by some casual cheating on her boyfriend, being used as a slave for a bit, but in the end it's all been a wonderful experience and helps out her future as a serious journalist.

Gah! It's infuriating.

Supposedly the makers had trouble getting real fashion folk to take part in this film because it offended some high ups in the magazine trade - I really don't see how unless they're supremely thin skinned simpletons who... oh.

Thanks, woman on set - you wasted some of my life.

If I ever see her again, I'm telling her she HAS to see The Strangers. I'll do it, I'm THAT angry!



  1. The Devil Wears Primark is utter bollocks. Cliche after fucking cliche. Not quite as patronising as Mamma Mia, but getting there.

  2. This movie disgusted me on so many levels that the words to describe it escape me completely.