Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Movie Review: 24:REDEMPTION


This extended TV episode (I can't call it a movie) follows everyone's favourite War criminal, Jack Bauer, as he attempts to save the lives of some nice kids from the presumably fictional African state of Sangara, as the revolution (or coup, depending on to whom you speak) in that country gathers pace.
Robert Carlyle provides ample support and much needed adult company for Keifer Sutherland, who has disappointingly put a stop to the 24 drinking game (drink every time he says "damn it" or tortures someone) with a new post-Abu Ghraib sensibility. It's a perfectly decent little story, but acts as little more than an interlude between series, and far more excitement is found in the 15 minutes worth of season 7 included on this disc as bonus material.
24 is always the better for its long build ups. In this shorter form events appear and disappear with frequency - and the sections set in Washington hold little interest outside anticipation for the next season.


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