Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick Movie Review: The Day The World Ended



Clea Duvall is about the only terrible thing missing from this diabolically scripted, acted and directed waste of time.

I think it may well be from the same stable as the truly atrocious How To Make A Monster, as it is a remake of an old B-Movie.

My concerns about the point of remaking B-Movies has not changed; I don't think there is one. Certainly not if they lack imagination, ideas and decent casts as this one does.

It concerns the events following the arrival of a big city psychologist in a small town (sigh) where she discovers a young boy who has a certain dark past and believes his father is an alien who imbued him with psychic powers.

That's really as good as it gets.

The psychologist is played by Natassya Kinski, acting in the style of a woman who has all her lines written on the co-stars' foreheads, constantly wearing a peering expression of confusion akin to a dog whose food has been taken away mid meal. She is barely supported at all by Randy Quaid, Stephen Toblowsky (for whom quality control is a myth) and that guy who played the mayor in season two of Buffy - all of whom bear the expressions and give the performances of those who are purely cheque fetching.

Fair enough, but for goodness sakes don't waste your time on this one. I mean it.


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