Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Movie Review: Black Christmas


I admit a mistake. I always thought the original "slasher" movie was John Carpenter's 1978classic Halloween. I was wrong, apparently. The original nutter witha knife picture appears to be 1974's Black Christmas, a by now hackneyed story of a deeply troubled young man who scares the women in a house silly before picking them off one by one.

Having pointed this out in advance, it's understandable that its hard to approach this film without the oodles of thrity year old baggage telling you this is an obvious and innovation free genre.

To be fair, there's nothing here that hasn't been done again since, from the indecisive cops to running upstairs instead of out the front door. There is one caveat, since this is the originator any fan of the genre should check it out in the same way that sci fi fans should see Forbidden Planet or Metropolis so you can see the blueprints for the future films you enjoy.

Go on!


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