Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quick Movie Review: The Da Vinci Code


So, when a film elicits little response other than "ho hum" you know there's something wrong.

The Dan Brown book on which this is based is a reasonably entertaining conspiracy story in which multiple characters talk on and on about the central idea - the alternative identity of the holy grail, a theory previously posited by the writers of "The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail".

Thing is, I don't know what's in this movie for anyone.

Fans of the book will be disappointed because of the lack of depth and the pace at which things are quickly passed over.

People who haven't read the book will be bored because the story, as in the book, consists mostly of people sitting about having a chat, and the occasional bursts of action are punctuated frequently with crammed in dialogue - notably in their flight from Teabing's mansion when they continue their conversation even while being chased - running for their lives.


The book must be cheaper than the DvD, so get that if you're interested (and aren't one of the millions of folks who already read it) - don't waste your time on this one.


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